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    Upper and lower two half parts. According to the failure analysis of the bending pipe, the back of the bending pipe is the most serious wearing part. The maximum impact is on this part which could be the first failure area. We design to use unequal thickness on the back part. From both ends to the middle gradually become thicker.

    According to the condition that the inside of the bending pipe has less wear, the wear resistant layer with 6mm thickness is adopted in the lower half part of the bending pipe. and that thickness on the back part is 12-30mm.


    Product advantages:

    A)unique structure:Inside and outside two layers , upper and lower two parts

    B)excellent performance:

    pumping volume is between 60,000 to 80,000m3 when installed in the regular position,

    when installed in the most easily wearing position(the bottom second bend),pumping volume is more than 20,000 m3

    C)stable quality

    D)core tube have better performance

    E)light weight , more secure

    F)long working life



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